Chi Siamo


Una qualità a sé stante

Materiali Naturali

Con una vera varietà di vari tipi di mobili offerti, ci assicuriamo sempre di scegliere solo il meglio dei materiali organici e naturali per questo. A partire dal miglior legno Italiano

Qualità premium

Realizzare mobili per diversi tipi di clienti significa preservare lo stesso tipo di qualità di tutti i pezzi. Lo facciamo assicurandoci che la qualità sia prioritaria rispetto al ritmo di lavoro, in modo che ogni singolo mobile che realizziamo sia fatto per durare!

Prezzi convenienti​

Poiché i mobili sono uno dei bisogni più elementari che una famiglia può avere, ci assicuriamo sempre di vendere a prezzi di fabbrica per consentire a tutti un acquisto senza pensarci due volte!


“Best Dining Table of the Year”



“Most Popular Handmade Manufacturer in NH”



“The Ultimate Design for Office Furniture”


Top Shots

“The reatest Bedroom Furniture Design”

As we moved into our new house in North Carolina, we were extremely eager to make sure that the interior of it matches our tastes. This meant, on par with doing some remodeling and renovation works, purchasing a new furniture. So firstly we tried to secure ourselves a new master bed and all of the bedroom furniture, including the wardrobe closet. Thankfully our friends referred us to this awesome furniture-makers!

- Jen Hudson

Equipping an office for 40 people is not an easy feat. As this also meant purchasing lots of brand new furniture for all of our open-space cubicles, as well as all of the cabinets for managers, we were puzzled. Thanks God we were referred to this manufacturing company, which crafted a lot of pieces for us and at the same time helped us stay on the budget. Also, the pace of their work was most impressive!

- Rachel McKormick

After me and my wife retired from our business, we’ve had a lot of free time on our hands. Not thinking for too long about what we’ll do, we’ve decided to take some good care of our home and do a major overhaul of its looks and interior. This also required us to change the furniture and equip both our dining hall and our living room with some new chairs and armchairs. Pieces crafted by this company just did fit the bill!

- Gerald Hansie

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